treee: a space in common, disjointed momentarily.

This ongoing project is a series of responses, where Commonage has invited a number of practitioners to contribute images, videos, texts, sounds for our Instagram feed: @commonageprojects

Brian Fay, Three Stages of Restoration Vermeer Girl with the Pearl Earring, 2011 Pencil on paper
Pádraig Condron and Paul Kindersley, The Image, 2018, Still image,
Anna-Rose Stefatou, Space Debris (and Other Silent Splinters), 2021, Still from Moving Ιmage (work in progress)
Niall de Buitléar, Work in progress, laser engraved paper, 2021
Roxman Gatt, My gender for today .3
Mabi Reveulta, Acromática. An Immortal Game, 2021
Simone Mudde, Untitled (Bee), 2018
Grace Weir, Three lines convening in a point, 2021, drawings
Jake Grewal, Hunted Sunset, A Conversation Of Sorts, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 95 x 53cm