Matt Ager

23 Jun - 22 Jul 2023

Opening: Fri 23. June, 6.30pm

More details to follow

Matt Ager (b.1985, London) graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2015 and holds a BA in sculpture from Camberwell College of Art. Exhibitions include: ‘Feels Too Nice’, Ballon Rouge, London (2022) ‘Stampede’, Horse & Pony Fine Art, Berlin (2021); ‘Clay TM’, TJ Boulting, London(2020); ‘Usable’ Space Gallery, Milwaukee, USA (2019); ‘Bare Elegance’, Lungley, London (2019); ‘OH I KNOW WHY’, Sundy, London (2018); High Gallery, Poznan, Poland (2018), ‘Sleeping Procession curated by Sean Steadman and Gabriel Hartley, CASS Sculpture Foundation, (2017); ‘Closer to the Veg’, London (2016); ‘Maybe Your Lens is Scratched’, Averard Hotel, London (2016); ‘Either Those Curtains’, Fold (2016); ‘Wrongguns’, Agency Agency, Brussels (2016); ‘Is it Heavy or Is it Light’, Assembly Point, London (2016); ‘Sunday School #11’ curated by Amanprit Sandhu (2015).