Matt Ager

Just Use

13 July - 19 Aug 2023

Opening: Thurs 13. July, 6-8.00pm

In Matt Ager’s works, crafted components elucidate one another, prudently integrated through an intuitive process. Reworking, redesigning and redefining, the works play with mimicry, the tension between the deliberate or accidental and the assisted readymade. Employing the vernacular of product or utilitarian design, he has an egalitarian methodology where forms, palate and surfaces build narratives around social status and taste.

With the instructional title of the show, Just Use, Ager encourages prolonged contemplation by creating works that that also function as furniture in which to experience the installation. He engages with the context of Commonage’s space, with its design studio upstairs and it’s unique scale, exploring functionality and the singular viewing experience.

Matt Ager (b.1985, London) graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2015 and holds a BA in sculpture from Camberwell College of Art. Exhibitions include: ‘Feels Too Nice’, Ballon Rouge, London (2022) ‘Stampede’, Horse & Pony Fine Art, Berlin (2021); ‘Clay TM’, TJ Boulting, London(2020); ‘Usable’ Space Gallery, Milwaukee, USA (2019); ‘Bare Elegance’, Lungley, London (2019); ‘OH I KNOW WHY’, Sundy, London (2018); High Gallery, Poznan, Poland (2018), ‘Sleeping Procession curated by Sean Steadman and Gabriel Hartley, CASS Sculpture Foundation, (2017); ‘Closer to the Veg’, London (2016); ‘Maybe Your Lens is Scratched’, Averard Hotel, London (2016); ‘Either Those Curtains’, Fold (2016); ‘Wrongguns’, Agency Agency, Brussels (2016); ‘Is it Heavy or Is it Light’, Assembly Point, London (2016); ‘Sunday School #11’ curated by Amanprit Sandhu (2015).