Now Light, Now Shadowed: Online Screenings

Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Keifer Nyron Taylor & Rob O’Shea

In this series of online screenings, Commonage includes moving-image works by artists Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Keifer Nyron Taylor & Rob O’Shea.  Each of these dreamlike meditations ask us to consider individual experiences of vulnerability, through ominous shadows, reflections and echoes. The works share non-illusionist materialist approaches, challenging our gaze through trembling movements, interruptions and obstructions, feedback, white noise, elongated silences, blurring and out of focus images – questioning if we are we even welcome into these intimate moments of vulnerability.

Pearls and lights shimmer, destination unknown. Outside blood red turns to noon and awakes from a slumber. Mourning a departure and documenting a life lived, the beat slows down. The film-stock is silent, suggesting obsolescence and reverence. Trailing behind, the sun reveals the stalker’s shadows. A pull and click into focus on the spikes, imprisoned or locked out of an oasis. Now light, now shadowed.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini: Silences, Iran/Ireland, 2011
8th – 21st Jan

Keifer Nyron Taylor, Lloydie, The Boy from St. Thomas, 2019
22nd Jan – 4th Feb

Rob O’Shea, The Quality of Materials. Chapter 2, 2020
5th – 18th Feb