Gabriela Giroletti


3.Feb – 5.Mar 2023

Opening: Fri 3 Feb, 6-8.30pm

Gabriela Giroletti’s compositions, forms, textures and colours, originated from the natural environment, are what we might understand as borders, limits and thresholds. For Commonage, she presents a series of small-scale works that float between instability and equilibrium, accident and intention, interior and periphery. These works are created in an intuitive intimate process that allows flirtation in the margins or beyond edges. Exploring tension and order, the interconnected yet distinct objects are likened to everything between microscopic grains of sand and constellations of infinite celestial companions.

The exhibition is accompanied by a response by poet Stevie Lou Field.


from the moon

of my moon.



I hold

my breath-

so as not

to miss each

passing phase.

S c a t t e r e d

a cluster of

electric elegies


with echoes


at eternities


By Stevie Lou Field

Gabriela Giroletti (b. Brazil, 1982, lives and works in London) received an MFA in Painting from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2018 and a BA in Fine Art from Middlesex University in 2015. Giroletti is a 2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries artist and in 2019/2020 she held a position of Research Associate at the Slade School of Fine Art. Gabriela is opening a solo exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery London Bridge on March 10th, her second with the gallery.

Surroundings, 2022 , Oil on canvas mounted on panel